Bus Plus card purchase and reload

Users of the public transportation system (urban, suburban and local) can purchase and reload all types of Bus Plus cards on BAS counters 30 and 31.

Counter opening hours are 6:30 to 20:30, every day.

All categories of personalized Bus Plus cards can be issued or extended at our counters. Detailed information regarding the documents necessary for issuing or extending cards can be found at www.busplus.rs.

Passenger categories and conditions for using transportation services are set in line with the Rulebook on the tariff system in public passenger transportation on the territory of the city of Belgrade.

Regardless of the type of public transportation and the area it covers, the city of Belgrade uses an integrated tariff system across its territory, consisting of four zones:

  • first zone – inner center of Belgrade,
  • second zone – wider city area,
  • third zone – municipalities of Barajevo, Sopot, Obrenovac and a part of Grocka,
  • fourth zone – municipalities of Lazarevac and Mladenovac.