Смештај и чување пртљага

  • The luggage storage premises are located next to the BAS departure gate.
  • Luggage storage service customers can leave their suitcases if their weight does not exceed 20 kg and their dimensions are not larger than 70 x 50 cm.
  • While delivering their luggage the luggage storage service customers are obliged to present their IDs and to allow the BAS officer to inspect the suitcase contents.
  • The following items shall not be accepted for storing: live animals, firearms, explosive, flammable or abrasive substances, foul smelling substances, uninspectable devices, money and other valuables (jewelry, securities).
  • A service fee is paid for each piece of luggage accepted for storing, for each commenced day, according to the BAS pricelist. Luggage can be stored up to 30 days.


Opening hours:

6:00 to 22:00 h, every day.

Phone: +381 11 66 444 55, ext. 193